About Coral Laboratories Ltd.

Coral Laboratories Ltd. is one of the most fastest growing Pharmaceutical company for exports. We are fully equipped with required facilities to develop formulations that are bio-equivalent, safe & efficacious.
Coral Laboratories Limited produces various pharmaceutical formulations at three different locations all over India.
We Manufacture pharmaceutical formulations like tablets, capsules, liquids, topical preparations, eye/ ear drops, injectables, etc.
Our team works on generics, trouble shooting of existing products and patent non infringing products for Emerging markets.
We are working hard to identify future areas of growth and are investigating to move up the technology curve.

Our Mission

To provide the best quality healthcare products by continuous improvements in technology and meeting the highest international standards.

Our Vision

Strive for excellence in innovation and quality for better healthcare.

Why choose Us

Our Culture

The Corporate culture at Coral is based on sound fundamentals of "Value Building" in human relations. We treat and respect our employees and customers as one family and we cherish these values all through our journey.

Human Resources

Coral has a well-trained and highly dedicated team of employees in each of its division such as procurement, Production Planning, Manufacturing, Testing, Dispatch, Finance and Human Resources etc.

Manufacturing Facilities

The state of the art manufacturing facilities meet the straight and over changing quality requirement of the most discerning buyers. Coral has multi location manufacturing facilities based at Baroda, Daman Dehradun & Vasai for strategies convenience.

Quality Assurance

At Coral quality Assurance is a most fundamental commitment to the customer. The company believes that customers trust in the company's medicine is most cared. At every stage of production, from product development to packaging, quality is in-built and assured. A team of highly qualified and skilled technical personnel is responsible for Quality Assurance.

Quality Control Laboratory

Coral has one of the best Quality Control Laboratory in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry equipped with latest & sensitive laboratory instruments. Coral Quality Control Laboratory has approval of Drug Control Authority of India.

Regulatory Affair

Years of exposures in successful operations led Coral to acquire expertise in regulatory affair under corporate management. Our dedicated team will be in a position to give you required registration dossiers and certificates as per WHO-GMP Guidelines and CTD Format.


  • Jordan
  • Nigeria
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Sudan
  • UAE